Family Time | Magical Woodland Tea Party
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Magical Woodland Tea Party

Magical Woodland Tea Party

World Awareness Children’s Museum knocked it out of the park with their Magical Woodland Tea Party yesterday.

Fairy decorations greeted you from the roadside all the way in, even to the bathroom. Titania herself (Elizabeth Little Hogan, who co-chaired the event with Sue Knapp) greeted the children, asking them to help find her fairies, who were indeed hiding behind trees and giggling. It was magical from start to finish.

I expected some tea, little sandwiches, and a few people with wings on. I did not expect the top to bottom detailed decorations that transformed the space at 989 North into a complete fantasy woodland. Green glitter lighting the walls, artfully draped tulle, a tent with branches over it, pebbled perimeter, toadstools and moss in every nook. A magic door that opened on its own was Henry’s favorite. It was incredible.

The children could make a magic potion with glitter, decorate a fairy house, have their face painted, make a fairy to hang on the tree or play fairy games that came with prizes. The young ladies and gentlemen serving and helping were more polite and kind than any service staff I’ve ever experienced, particularly at their young age, and even under stress. “Yes, thank you, I would love some help,” replied one worker bee sweetly as another offered to pitch in as she was flooded with children at the craft table.

And when Jacky Touba (our honorary grandma for the morning, who generously brought Henry and I as her guests) called in our reservation, they proactively asked about food allergies. They knew we were vegan and brought us a nondairy veggie dip and our own tray of vegetables as well as a platter of hummus and tabbouleh just for us. So often we end up nibbling garnish or asking uncomfortably if there might be  some sides they could throw together. I had come prepared with a peanut butter sandwich and cookies in my purse. It was so lovely.

There’s more to rave about, like the entertainment with Miss Erin Dove (whom Henry knew from the Wood Theater’s theater camp for tots last summer), games, kindly reception and lovely table spreads, but I’ll let this video (very Henry centric, mind you) tell the rest of the story.

Bravo, World Awareness Children’s Museum. We felt welcomed, comfortable and it was pure magic to Henry, who is well educated in the ways of the fae folk thanks to his mom’s longtime interests.

I hope you’re doing this for many years to come!

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