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Frankie Fox

Frankie Fox

So there we are at the Great Escape last weekend and we see Sheldon and Henry’s favorite, Frankie Fox. Last year after the morning show she was in, he walked right up to her, and just wanted to spend some time around her, touching her, looking at her up close. We thought it was hilarious, because it was so much like meeting a favorite performer after the show. You don’t know what to say or how to act, but you’re excited to be there. And Frankie does a good job of interacting without being able to speak, though after a certain point, you want to relieve the person since there’s only so many waves and hugs they can do.

Anyway, we see Sheldon and Frankie posing for pictures. I say, “It’s your favorite friend, Frankie Fox! Do you want to go say hi?” Henry nods, waits his turn and then holds Frankie’s hands, gazing into her eyes just like he did a year ago.

The long, sweet but awkward moment prompts me to move things along. “How about a picture?” Henry and Frankie don’t speak, but turn and smile for the shot.

Afterward, Frankie whispers something to the Six Flag worker, who says to me, “Frankie’s a fan of your blog!”

??? Hi, Frankie! You made my day!!!

Henry and his bestie Frankie Fox last year

Henry and his bestie Frankie Fox last year

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