Family Time | You were always you.
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You were always you.

You were always you.

As my kids get older, I realize these small things I noticed when they were just babies have turned into dominant personality traits.

Henry’s fascination with how things work. Danny’s silly faces and movements intended for a laugh. These quirks define them and set them apart so deeply, it is nearly the essence of who they are. Henry thinks. Danny entertains.

I try to think about what that might have been for me. Either art, philosophy, a soft heart, bossiness, fashion flair or a need for the spotlight. The stories my mom tells about me reflect this.

Ellie is almost two and I’m trying to see what that thing is in her. She is awfully sweet with baby dolls, she’s silly, she likes bows and girly things, and she doesn’t let anyone push her around. She has been grabbing pens out of my hand and demanding to draw since she was six months old, and if you ask if she wants to paint, the answer is always yes. But in terms of distinguishable quirks… It might just be, like, putting food on her feet. I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone who did that quite so often.

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