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The Austin-Avon family is vegan, Katethysian, and community-minded. We live in a busy little city in Upstate New York called Glens Falls. We love it here.

The mom and dad of the Austin-Avon family are Kate and Cory. They own and operate a business called Advokate, LLC, which provides web design, logos, branding, graphic design, marketing consultation, social media help, PR and more to artists, small businesses, startups and nonprofits. Learn more about Advokate here. If we had to say one thing about each of us, we’d probably say that Kate loves karaoke, and Cory loves Phish. And, of course, we love each other, and our two boys. But that’s a given, right?

The kiddos of the Austin-Avon family are Henry, born in 2012, Daniel, born in 2015, and Elizabeth, born in 2017. Henry likes fire alarms, tornadoes, scoreboards and hot air balloons. Daniel likes knocking over block towers, pulling hair and laughing with his brother. Ellie likes to wear hats and bite people.

Photo by PJN Photography -

Photo by PJN Photography –