Family Time | Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

I’m fairly certain that when I am very old, lying on my deathbed in some delirious state, tonight will be a memory I linger on. And I will know that I lived a rich, full life.

We didn’t have Valentine’s Day plans. Usually we try to do a date night and go to dinner, but we attended PlayFest last night and that seemed like enough.

I warmed up the last of the freezer meals I had made before Daniel was born; vegan stuffed shells. I made asparagus with vegan hollandaise sauce and salads, too. Lit candles, poured us drinks in fancy wine glasses, and we all dressed up.

Cory gave a toast to me and Henry and Daniel. Then Henry wanted to “row some words out” and toasted us, too. Eating by candlelight with my husband and son dressed up in ties and sipping from crystal seemed like some kind of dream.

After dinner, by candlelight, Henry sat on my lap and colored a scoreboard on the back of the Valentine that I made for him, and Cory cooed at Daniel who was laughing. Volare and I need you so much closer played on the stereo.

I’m fairly certain this is what happily ever after is.

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