Family Time | The value of comfort
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The value of comfort

The value of comfort

I was in the shower just now and thinking about what I would put on when I got out. Jeans would be the appropriate pants for today, a day momming in and out of public. But who decided jeans were our casual wear? The jeans I have are stiff and tight. They feel good to take off.

That got me thinking. My back hurts. My skin is dry. The inside of my nose is dry. I have a little bit of a cold. These are all minor discomforts, but add on the minor discomfort of stiff tight pants and a bra and earrings and it being cold out and I’m ready to be a little on edge all day. As in, don’t push me or I’ll snap at you.

Would wearing sweatpants make a major difference in my attitude, in my level of stress around my kids?

You know how the sweetest cat ever will not hesitate to bite you to death if it’s in pain? I think about that analogy a lot. Someone whose normal is to be sweet, add pain to that, bodily discomfort, and they’ll bite you if you look at them wrong.

Got me thinking about snotty beautiful girls. No doubt they’re in some level of discomfort being squeezed all day. And rude old ladies, with sore knees and arthritis in their hands.

And thinking about the sweet faces of hippie ladies in their flowing skirts, placid and chill.

And about how leggings are more commonly accepted as pants these days, and how all you had to say to a woman was “buttery soft” and she’d throw her credit card at you. We are making progress for sure. This is worlds beyond corsets and garters.

I was just thinking about how it feels SO good to take your bra off at the end of the day, to slip into jammies. You breathe and feel good in your body. Those annoyances slip away.

Can we drop fashion for a week and all wear our comfiest clothes and just see if it brings world peace?

I’ll go first.

See you later. I’ll be in sweats. Give me a high five if you read this and a weird look if you didn’t.

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