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little guy

little guy

We have a very cute son.  Henry John Charles Austin-Avon.  He was born Wednesday, August 22nd at 10:05AM.  He’s healthy, he’s happy.  Mom’s healthy, we’re happy.  We’re having a good time.  A lot has happened over the past seven weeks.  A lot.  We’ve grown, he’s grown.  It’s pretty awesome.  It’s a lot of work at times.  It’s time consuming.  But, when you look at the little guy, when you squeeze his little cheeks, and give him a hug it is so worth it.  It’s true what they say… a baby will make you feel a love like you’ve never known.

So, as you could imagine, we have a lot of stories.  I’m at work right now, though.  And there are kind of too many stories to tell.  So, uhh, sorry for the brief post.  I just remembered about this page and checked to see if I remembered my login!  I did, so here ya go. 

This webpage isn’t going anywhere.  So, we’ll be updating over the weeks, months, years.  I don’t know if anybody will/would actually check us out here, but we’ll have ot for Henry when he gets older.  Love ya, Henry!

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