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My good date

My good date

Tonight Henry hammed it up for the Shirt Factory Tenants Association holiday party.

He served himself a carrot with hummus from the table and then got me one and dipped one for Dolores Thomson. He pulled up a chair to sit at the table and eat snacks and then brought a chair over for me.

He gave Bev Saunders and Betty O’Brien candies. He raced down the hall with Larry. He did his monster walk. And he picked up all the chairs! Every last one. He kicked Dolores and Bev off theirs so he could clean up. It was adorable.

We came home and had popcorn and a movie and FaceTimed Erika Austinand Teri Austin and Marion Austin and Poppy. Before bath time he noticed Daddy’s new towel and wanted a new towel so we got the frog one fromCharlene Gainer DeDell out. No more baby towel!

Good teeth brush with a new toothbrush and I told him a story about the sewer system and how we are lucky to have running water and where trash goes and how we can make less trash and we sang Jingle Bells and Jingle Bell Rock.

Henry is a good date.

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