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Street of Dreams

Street of Dreams

Maybe we evolved with Glens Falls, or maybe Glens Falls evolved with us, but it’s one of the two.

My husband Cory and I had some fun in this little city in our twenties. We made some memories on South Street, the “Street of Dreams.” Though Exchange Street was more our jam with Wallabee’s Jazz Bar and Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe where I met most of our friends, many an after-midnight slice of Irish pizza did I consume, and we closed down HotShots and Sandy’s on more than one blurry occasion.

If you look back at a journal entry I made in the late 90’s, you’d see my criteria for the place I’d finally settle down in: Lots of cafés, not too small but not too big, an art scene and a happening nightlife. Glens Falls had it all, and so we bought a house here and chose it as the place we would start our family.

This morning, Henry and I were the first customers at the Glens Falls Food Co-op’s new location on that same Street of Dreams. I was part of the initial conversation between Empire Theatre Plaza owner Michael Kaidas and the Co-op board. Henry and I had stopped in before a board meeting last week, and this morning he helped me pick out things to buy, thrilled to see the big cooler full of veggies. His favorite: An itty-bitty sweet potato that he brought to preschool, “to show all my friends.” (Not before taking a tiny bite out of it.)

That preschool? It’s A Kidz World, which is on South Street too, relocated this spring from around the corner in Union Square Plaza on Broad Street.

Who would have thought, nine years ago when I moved to Glens Falls, that the Street of Dreams would evolve into a place to spend a charming morning with a three-year-old? Not I.

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