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well, duh

well, duh

Whoa.  Only two months until the projected due date.  We know the baby could come at anytime and certainly within a week or two of the due date (either earlier or later).  Anyway, we first started the whole pregnancy adventure last summer.  In August/September of last year, we started to take it seriously and go for it and we found out Kate was pregnant in December, before Christmas.  At that time, we thought we had so much time to prepare and learn and tie up loose ends.  We’ve definitely learned a lot and have prepared a lot, but there will always be loose ends.  That’s the struggle these days.  We have a crib and clothes and carseat… the baby could come home now and, likely, be okay.  We still need a few things, but that will come together.  And we have a bunch of baby education classes scheduled at the hospital over the next several weeks, so there’s a lot more learning to be had.  What’s poking us in the eye and knocking us down are the loose ends and the to-do lists.  We’ve never done this before so I think we might always feel like ‘what else can we do?  What else needs to be done?’  We know we still need a few essential household baby items and to take our classes, but how can one truly be prepared?  And how does one fit it all in?  How do you add taking care of baby on top of everything else?  We’re grown ups.  We have responsibilities.  The lawn isn’t going to mow itself, the toilet and shower won’t clean themselves, and our clothes are still going to get dirty.  Kate has a commitment and responsibility to Advokate, too.  The business has thrived and I want it to, she wants it to, continue to thrive and be profitable.  But it’s all on her.  She’s good at what she does and people like the product and service.  So, I don’t think there will be a shortage of customers, but there will be less time to work with. 

I think we’ll be okay.  The baby will get changed, read to, fed, played with, goo goo and ga ga’d and I’ll continue to do stuff around the house and Kate will keep making money.  We’ll just be busier.  We’ll be busy, but we’ll have our family.  We’ll all be so much in love and that should make it all worth it.

I don’t know what the point to this post is, really.  Perhaps, it’s just an encouraging word, a pep talk.  We can do it.  We have to.  We’re already busy people.  We’re used to it.  I get a lot done around the house.  I can multi-task pretty well.  Advokate is awesome, Kate’s done a good job and will continue to do so.  She pours out the love, too.  This baby will not have a shortage of doting and love.  Even when we’re working.  Even when we’re stressed.  We’ll make time for baby. 

So, now we just need to tie up the loose ends over the next couple months and we’ll be ready to go.  I can’t wait.

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