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Questions Answered

Questions Answered

When you’re a kid, you wonder all kinds of things.

Who will I marry?
Where will I live?
What will my job be?
How many kids will I have?
What will their names be?
What will my wedding be like?
What car will I drive as an adult?
Will I look like my parents when I get older?
How many pets will I have?
What will I look like with wrinkles?
Will I be happy?

One I’ve dreaded and been waiting for a long time – what kind of apocalypse will we have? Will it be within my lifetime or my kids’ or their kids’?

And a big one for me, one I’ve dreaded and prayed about since I was a kid – which of my loved ones will die first? What will their funerals be like?

Mimi and Poppy have had a plot at the cemetery down the street from my childhood home for a long time. We bring the kids there on the Fourth of July every year to visit their grave even though they haven’t been there yet. And the dread question in my mind has been, when will we go and they’ll be there, what date will be etched after the dash?

So it’s really strange waking up today and realizing I know almost all of the answers to those questions.

We have new ones now.

How long will the pandemic last?
What effects will it have on the kids?
Can we slow down the effects of climate change?
What will our kids be like as teens?
What will they be like as adults?
What will they overcome in their lives?
What will our grandbabies be like?
As well as other much less happy questions.

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