Family Time | Holding hands in the sunshine
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Holding hands in the sunshine

Holding hands in the sunshine

Peanut and I had a lovely Mother’s Day with both of his grandmothers, my Nonnie and Auntie Jo (who is herself a grandmother-to-be)! We went to the buffet at South Station and I ate too many cream puffs and chocolate-dipped strawberries. This morning I had a stomachache, probably from eating so much… And Cory gave me a Mother’s Day gift and card from Baby A-A, too – a plaster handprint kit from our registry. Of course I cried.

Our friend Matt Funiciello mentioned us in a Mother’s Day post on his blog at the Times Union:

Kate – The expectant mother. I saw Kate with her husband Cory yesterday walking in the sunshine downtown and holding hands. They are both friends of mine. They are exceptionally good people and great members of our community. They are going to be amazing parents. Seeing them together made me hope that their child will truly appreciate how lucky he is to have them. So many children do not have smart, engaging, committed parents to raise them. He will.

It’s been something that folks have said to us a lot about being amazing parents, but it’s still scary thinking about what’s in store for us. We know that we are incredibly lucky to have more than a lot of people – more support, more family, more friends, more education, more love, more stability, more health – and we’ll be using that “more” to give Baby A-A a leg up in life as much as we can, but it’s all new to us. It’s nice to hear it from the outside because internally we’re nervous!

And I hope that the world is a better place for us having a baby. It’s my life’s goal to leave things better than I found them, and I hope to pass that on.

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  • Gram Avon
    Posted at 21:07h, 14 May Reply

    This Mother’s Day was exciting to celebrate as Grandmother-to-be,but next year it will be great to be a Grandmother holding her first Grandchild on Mother’s Day!!

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